Can you mix different types of freon?

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Can you mix different types of freon?

The different types of refrigerants are not meant to be mixed. The refrigerant charge must be optimized by using the refrigerant’s respective pressure-temperature chart.

What happens if you mix R12 and R134a?

R134a systems work at higher discharge-side pressures than R12 systems, which could lead to compressor seals leaks. Additionally, since R134a is composed of much smaller molecules, it has a greater chance of leaking from an R12 system.

What Freon is compatible with R12?

The best replacement for R12 is considered to be R-134a. The chemical name of R134a is tetrafluoroethane and it chemical formula is CF3CH2F. It is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and has zero ozone depletion causing potential and very low greenhouse effect.

How do I convert R12 to 134a?

How to Convert an R12 to the R134a System

  1. Discard any R12 refrigerant still in the system by taking your vehicle to a licensed air-conditioning professional.
  2. Open the engine compartment of your vehicle.
  3. Push the high side retrofit R134a fitting over the old fitting and use a wrench to tighten it.

Is RED TEK 12a compatible with 134a?

RED TEK 12a requires no significant redesigning of the refrigeration system because it is compatible with R134a, R12, metal components, compressor motor materials, mineral, and synthetic (Ester and PAG) lubricants, seals, gaskets, hoses, compressors, and O-rings.

Is R12 and 12a the same?

FrostyCool 12a Refrigerant is a blend of environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants designed as a replacement for R-134a and retrofitted CFC-R12 systems. FrostyCool 12a can be used to replace HCF R-134a and CFC-R12 substitute refrigerants in mobile air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Can you use 12a in a R12 system?

Unlike R-134a, HC-12a is completely compatible with the hoses and oils used in R-12 systems, making the conversion much easier to accomplish.

Is it illegal to have R12 freon?

Yes, it still is perfectly legal to use R-12 in the United States. It’s illegal to vent or improperly dispose of it, however. Yes, it is perfectly legal to own R-12. If you should decide to sell it, however, the purchaser must have EPA 609 certification.

Can I mix R12 with R12a?

Adding R12a refrigerant to the R12 system: It’s basically the same procedure as adding R12 except you must screw on the R12-to-R12a quick-connect adapter fitting pictured below (included in the kit) to the LOW suction service port first. The adapter fitting has it’s own Schrader valve internally, so no gas will escape.

What is R 12 refrigerant used for?

R-12 is a colorless and odorless CFC refrigerant that was completely banned from production by 1996 under the Montreal Protocol for depleting the ozone. R-12 has many applications in refrigeration and air conditioning including large to mediums size chillers, automotive air conditioning, and as an aerosol propellant.

What is a pound of R12 worth?

$10-$15/lb is about the going rate for bulk R12 on a private sale. Completed, SOLD, Ebay listings for bulk R12 are a pretty good indicator of the “going price”. Keep in mind that a full, sealed container is worth more than a partial, open container.

Why did they get rid of R12?

In conclusion folks R-12 Freon was banned due to the damage that it caused to the Ozone layer. The Chlorine found in CFC refrigerants like R-12 would not break down in the atmosphere when vented or leaked. The Chlorine would then erode the Ozone bit by bit.

Why is R12 so expensive?

Because the U.S. government has placed restrictions on how much refrigerant can be produced, suppliers can only sell a certain amount per day. This can cause the price of the refrigerant to skyrocket during the summer when more people need refrigerant.

How much does a bottle of R12 cost?

“Freon” is a commonly known brand of refrigerant, though it is not a descriptive or generic term. Companies have quoted prices ranging from $35 to $175 per pound for R-22….How much does r12 cost?

List Price:$6.67
You Save:$2.53 (38%)

What is the current price of R12 refrigerant?

The average current price for used buying r12 freon is $344 from the last 40 listings.

What does R22 freon cost?

Air conditioner Freon refill costs $100 to $320 on average for AC units with R410A refrigerant or $180 to $600 for older AC units using R22 Freon….Air Conditioner Freon Refill Cost.

FactorAverage Cost
R22 Freon Price Per Pound$90 – $150

What is the best replacement for R22 refrigerant?


Can you still get R22 refrigerant?

When the phase-out is complete in 2020, R22 refrigerant will no longer be available. R22 refrigerant, sometimes known as R22 Freon or HCFC-22 Freon, is an environmental danger because it contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. By the time the phase-out is complete, R22 will most likely be very expensive.

Can you still use R22 refrigerant?

As of January 1, 2020, production and import of R22 refrigerant will be illegal in the United States. Of course, continued use of your air conditioner (AC) or heat pump system using R22 refrigerant is allowed.

Can I replace R22 with R410A?

No. You can’t do that. It probably wouldn’t work. Even though you put a compressor in there that’s R410A, the rest of condenser probably isn’t tested and rated for operating at R410A pressures because R410A has to operate at a higher pressure.

What freon can I mix with R22?

Mixing R22 with R407C

  • Mixing R22 with R407C or any other refrigerant.
  • According to the 609 EPA rule, mixing refrigerants is illegal and anybody caught doing so will be heavily fined.

What happens if you put R410A in a R22 system?

Understand this: The mineral oil in a compressor has a vapor pressure. If that’s so, then what R22 there is in the system can never evaporate under the higher suction pressure of R410a. It will just flood back to reduce the compressor life and will greatly reduce the system capacity.

What happens if you use the wrong refrigerant?

Depending on whether the refrigerant is mixed with another refrigerant or not will be an issue. If the wrong refrigerant is put on top of another refrigerant, the Expansion device will become erratic in operation. If the wrong refrigerant is used as a total charge, once again you may have expansion device issues.

Does R410A cool as well as R22?

The lower critical temperature of R410A versus that of R22 (70.1 °C (158.1 °F) vs. The R22 system cooling capacity decreased by 14 % at an outdoor temperature of 51.7 °C (125.0 °F). The R410A system cooling capacity decreased nonlinearly by 22 % at the same condition.

Can a 410A compressor be used with R22?

Why Does a r410a Condenser work on a R22 evaporator coil? Both refrigerants, R22 and r410a work off of pressures. Though these two refrigerants need different pressure they both use incrementally similar pressure ratios.

Will a 410A condenser with R22 coil?

Almost all new evaporator coils can be used with either an R-22 system or an R-410a system. They cannot, however, have been used with both types of gas: once you have released gas into the evaporator coil it becomes dedicated to that type of gas and cannot later be used with a different type of gas.

Is 410A a good refrigerant?

While an R-410A system still uses harsh chemicals, it is not as damaging to the environment. It does not harm the ozone layer or cause cancer like R-22 refrigerant does, and will help your system work efficiently with less environmental impact. It is still not perfect, but it’s the best the industry has for now.

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