Can you say you too to I Love You?

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Can you say you too to I Love You?

If you want to say “me, too”, you can say that, although in some situations in may be interpreted as less sincere than saying “I love you, too.” Also, it’s probably not grammatically correct, but that’s the accepted way of saying it.

What is the sentence of seashore?

the shore of a sea or ocean. 1, They redeployed the troops along the seashore. 2, The seashore is fouled up with oil from the wrecked ship. 3, I found her on the seashore,dreaming away as usual.

What is a good sentence for too?

Examples of too in a Sentence He saw something, and she saw it too. I want to go too! The soup is too hot. The offer was too good to refuse.

What kind of word is too?


Is love you too a sentence?

The too in I love you, too is the main focus of the sentence as it repeats something that’s already been said. It indicates contrast between two thoughts. In any case, the comma is often omitted even by professional editors. No one is likely to notice the loss.

What does 1432 mean?

I Love You Too

What is the difference between I love you and I love you too?

There’s no real difference. They both mean the same thing. I love you, I love you too and I love you also all carry the same meaning. Don’t worry so much about HOW it’s said.

What does I Love You 3000 means?

When Tony says “I love you tons” she says “I love you 3000” A ton is 2000 pounds. Saying I love you 3000 means she loves him more.

Should you say too after I Love You?

If you want a jump start to your relationship, if you want to do something small but new, stop saying too when saying I love you. If your partner gifts you with those words, respond if you feel compelled but never because it is the expected courtesy. When someone you love says I love you, react in one of two ways.

What is a big word for I Love You?

What is another word for love you?


What does I Love You mean in English?

An affirmation of affection or deep caring, especially to a family member. “I love you, Mom,” said Candace. An affirmation of romantic feeling to a lover or spouse.

What are 5 ways to say I love you?

5 Different Ways To Say “I love you“

  • I can’t stop thinking about you. No one matters but you.
  • I’ve got you under my skin. I lost my heart to you.
  • You set my heart on fire. Words. to express: to say opinions or feelings. express in other languages. QUIZ. Teacher’s pet is ___

Can I say I love you to a teacher?

Much, much better to phrase it, “I love the way you…” This focuses on the actions of the teacher. It’s definitely a wonderful compliment, and positive feedback. And is totally, totally safe for you both. If you truly love, love the teacher, wait until you are 18 to say it.

What emotion is higher than love?

Is there anything greater than love? In a simple answer, yes there is. Gratitude. To have gratitude for someone means to have no judgment of them, or you.

What are some examples of love?

Love is defined as to show or have deep attraction, affection or emotional attachment to a person, people or thing. An example of love is showering someone with kisses. An example of love is greeting a good friend with a big hug. An example of love is watching an amazing dancer dance.

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