How do Arachne character traits determine how the conflict is resolved?

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How do Arachne character traits determine how the conflict is resolved?

One of Arachne’s character traits is that she boasts about her skills, this determines how the conflict is resolved. She is a very talented waver and she doesn’t recognize that part of her talent comes from Athena. Athena is mad at Arachne because she makes fun of the gods and thinks she is better than Athena herself.

Who is Arachne in the story?

Arachne was a girl who lived in Greece a long time ago. She was a very good weaver and spinner. She wove all sorts of beautiful pictures into her cloth, and people came from all around to see her beautiful cloth. But Arachne knew that she was good, and had too much pride.

What happens right after Arachne insults the old woman?

What happens right after Arachne insults the old woman? A. The old woman leaves immediately. During the weaving contest, Athene weaves a warning to Arachne.

What is the character trait of Arachne?


What is the weakness of Arachne?


What is the theme of the story Arachne?

As it is heard, Arachne is a story about Pride and Human Limitations. An incredibly talented weaver. Arachne is a young girl who feeds on the praise of her patrons. Eventually, youth and inexperience, coupled with consciousness of her superb gifts, causes Arachne to boast that her weaving is better then Athena’s.

What lesson did you learn from the story of Arachne?

The lesson learned in life about Arachne is to stay humble and never thinks that you are better than the others. Arachne became famous because of her skill in embroidery. This recognition had changes her attitude towards the people around her including those of whom she considers her friends and co – workers.

What did Arachne fight her fear?

Arachne tried to fight her fear by taking on of the most powerful goddesses. She faced Athena, as she challenged her. She believed in herself and thought that she could take over a goddess and all humans could do so.

What are some details that will prove that Arachne’s pride is the reason for her downfall?

The details of the story about Arachne that really proves that it is Arachne’s pride that caused her downfall is when she refused to recognize and acknowledge that there is someone better than her in spinning and that is the Goddess of crafts and wisdom …………

Does the story of Arachne help you understand the value of dealing with challenges explain?

Answer Expert Verified The story of Arachne does not help me understand the value of dealing with challenges instead it helped me to understand the beauty of being humble and kind. The story tells about Arachne being a talented and has a great skill in weaving that she prides herself in.

How does she feel about her weaving skill?

Answer. Arachne feels about her weaving skills is that she is the best weaver or spinner in the entire world. She believes she owns her skills in weaving and spinning, that her talent is hers from the very start and was bestowed to her by no one.

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