How does Elizabeth feel about John?

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How does Elizabeth feel about John?

But Elizabeth is human: she doesn’t trust John yet. Her fear and anger about John’s affair come out. She is colder to him, because as much as she loves him, his weakness towards Abigail is a major flaw in his character, which Elizabeth sees clearly even though John does not.

What does Elizabeth realize when she finds out she has been accused of being a witch?

What does Elizabeth realize when she finds out that she has been accused? That Abigail wants her dead so she can have John. She wants John to go to Salem and tell the court what Abigail had said to him about the incident in the woods.

What is the significance of Elizabeth Proctor’s response to the court concerning her husband’s infidelity?

Against her better judgment, Elizabeth lies to the court because she thinks she is saving her husband. However, her lie only makes Abigail’s accusations stronger in the courts eyes. This is ultimately what leads to the death of her husband.

Why is it significant that Elizabeth Proctor would not tell the court of her husband’s infidelity?

She does not want to discuss the illicit relationship because she is not going to reveal to the court or the town that her husband is a sinner. Elizabeth does not want to ruin John’s name in court. She does not know that he has just confessed his indiscretion to them and is called in to corroborate his story.

How does Elizabeth know about the affair?

Proctor and Elizabeth argue. Proctor is angry because he believes Elizabeth is accusing him of dishonesty and is suspicious that he has resumed his affair with Abigail. Elizabeth knows about Proctor’s affair. She tells Proctor that she forgives him, but a lingering distrust plagues her.

Why does Elizabeth hate Abigail?

In Act One, when her uncle, Reverend Parris, asks about Abigail’s reputation in town, she promises that her name is good. She insists that Elizabeth Proctor “hates [her]” because Abigail “would not be her slave.” She calls Elizabeth a “lying, cold, sniveling woman” who she cannot abide working for.

Who accuses John Proctor of being the devil’s man?

Mary Warren

Why can’t Mary turn cold and faint now the crucible?

She is asked to demonstrate how she fakes witchcraft. Mary Warren is unable to faint. She says she has “no sense of it now.” What does Abigail do when suspicion that she might be pretending falls on her?

What is John excuse for confessing?

What is John’s excuse for confessing? He has already spoiled his name; he will not be condemning his already blackened soul by telling another lie. He is not a good man, and nothing is made worse by this lie.

Why does Elizabeth think John is a good man?

Elizabeth says he is a good man because he has yet to confess even though he has been tortured. Elizabeth says that John is a good man and she knows it. She also thinks she has some responsibility for their predicament. Elizabeth says it takes a cold wife to prompt lechery.

What were John Proctor’s last words?

His last words were “more weight.”

What happened with Abigail and Mercy?

What has happened to Abigail and Mercy Lewis? They stole Parris’s money and ran away. Why is Parris afraid of the news? They rioted against the executions; he is afraid the people of Salem will riot.

Why do you think Miller decided to end the play with Proctor’s death?

Hover for more information. After the dramatic events of Act IV, Miller closes the play with Proctor choosing to be put to death in order to preserve his good name. The Puritan judges have forced Proctor into an impossible and paradoxical situation: If he lies and “confesses” to being a witch, his life will be spared.

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