How many 75% is a class?

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How many 75% is a class?

75% of the class is similar to ¾ of the class. Therefore, the correct answer is the letter C. You can find the equivalent fraction of 75% of the class in two ways. The first is by converting percent to fraction and the second way is by converting fraction to percent.

How do you calculate percent composition by mass?

How to Calculate Mass Percent Composition

  1. % mass = (mass of element in 1 mole of the compound) / (molar mass of the compound) x 100%
  2. mass percent = (mass of solute / mass of solution) x 100%
  3. Solution.
  4. Answer.
  5. Step 1: Find the mass of the individual atoms.

What is the percent composition of a compound tells you?

Percent composition tells you by mass what percent of each element is present in a compound. A chemical compound is the combination of two or more elements. If you are studying a chemical compound, you may want to find the percent composition of a certain element within that chemical compound.

What is the percentage composition of oxygen in the compound?


Which element of percent represents the whole?

Answer. Step-by-step explanation: ❥ the percent, has the percent symbol (%) or the word “percent” the amount, the amount is part of the whole. and the base, the base is the whole amount.

Which element of percent has the percent sign?

Answer. Step-by-step explanation: Kapag may percent (%) sign, rate po.

What is the meaning of percent?


What is the percentage of 75?

Common percentage to decimal numbers to fractions conversions

chart for: Percentage conversions
Percent equalsDecimal № equalsFraction equals

What is the percentage of 75 out of 75?


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