Windows 10: Microsoft Provides Free Upgrade and Updates, Features and Reasons

The Windows 10 era is fast approaching. Unlike the past, however, you may not have to dish out hundreds of dollars to obtain a copy. Before going into Microsoft’s free offers, lets start with a few reasons to upgrade.

An Accustomed Operating System

Perhaps, Windows 10’s best strength is its ability to combine new and old interfaces. It plans on bringing back the well-known start menu back to prominence. The lack of a proper start menu irked Windows 8 users so much that Microsoft had to offer a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 with a somewhat restored start menu. Nevertheless, many users still complained that the static start menu from previous versions of Windows was more user-friendly and better geared towards productivity. Windows 10 promises to appease users by providing a modernized version of the start menu that will function a lot like its earlier predecessors.


A newer operating system is almost always synonymous with better security. And Microsoft boasts “built-in security“. Microsoft also claims that it has gathered millions of users to test Windows 10 through its Insider Program. Since these users are usually tech-savy, many bugs and security issues will be ironed out before the release date.

A New Default Browser

The Internet Explorer name became associated with quite a bit of negativity due to its tendency to fall behind other browsers when it comes to issues such as speed. As a result, Microsoft has decided to start afresh with a new browser called “Microsoft Edge”. This browser is streamlined and has a minimal design element to it. Microsoft Edge is worth a shot.

The Free Offers

And now that we’ve seen some features that might interest the average user, lets look into ways of obtaining a copy (for free, of course).

Beginning July 29th 2015, users of Windows 7/8.1 users will have one year to take advantage of a free upgrade to Windows 10. Once the upgrade is complete, Microsoft promises to deliver Windows 10 free for that device. However, there are some limitations to be considered. Windows 8 users should complete the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Windows 10. It might be a good idea to take care of that now, since it’s unclear if the Windows 8.1 upgrade will still be available for free after the Windows 10 release date. While the 800×600 resolution display requirement or 16GB HDD requirement might not be an issue to users, a graphics card that supports DirectX9 will be needed. The best way to ensure that you will qualify for the upgrade would be to contact your device manufacturer. For those who wish to be one of the earliest set of users running Windows 10, the Windows Store has an app to “reserve” Windows 10.  However, this is not a requirement to obtain a copy of Windows 10. The idea behind reserving would be for Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 more efficiently during the high demand on the first day of release.

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