What does Big G mean in slang?

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What does Big G mean in slang?

“G” stands for gravity in the scientific world. As slang, shouting “Big G!” is a warning from a lookout to his cohorts that a police officer is nearby. The “G” stands for government.

Is gravitational constant Georgia very small number or very large number?

What is the significance of the fact that the gravitational constant, G, is a very small number and that Coulomb’s constant, k, is a very large number? The comparison indicates that the electromagnetic force is a much weaker force than the gravitational force.

Why is the gravitational constant a constant?

Value and uncertainty The gravitational constant is a physical constant that is difficult to measure with high accuracy. This is because the gravitational force is an extremely weak force as compared to other fundamental forces. This corresponds to a relative standard uncertainty of 2.2×10−5 (22 ppm).

What exactly is gravitational constant?

The gravitational constant is the proportionality constant used in Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, and is commonly denoted by G. This is different from g, which denotes the acceleration due to gravity. In most texts, we see it expressed as: G = 6.673×10-11 N m2 kg-2.

Is Big G constant?

In SI units, G has the value 6.67 × 10-11 Newtons kg-2 m2. The direction of the force is in a straight line between the two bodies and is attractive. Thus, an apple falls from a tree because it feels the gravitational force of the Earth and is therefore subject to “gravity”.

What does it mean my G?

“My g” is just a term that a close friend would call another close friend. “

What is an absolute G?

If you call someone an absolute g it’s a compliment, meaning that someone is genuinely good at what they do. It goes back to early American hip-hop slang to define someone as a true gangster who raps, as opposed to just some songwriter.

Why do people say wassup G?

Meaning: It’s a greeting that basically means what’s up, what happening, what’s going on. Meaning: Originally this is hip hop slang that means “Gangster” , but it has become more common. It still has an urban, hip hop feel. So “What up G?” is a greeting with a very urban, hip hop feel.

What does B mean in chat?

So, is it possible that ‘b’ is an incredibly short abbreviation of babe or brother, or even an abbreviation of an already existing acronym, ‘bae’? After doing extensive research on online dictionaries and forums, I have uncovered the most common meanings for, ‘b’: A greeting to friends. A shortened version of ‘Bro’

What does Deadass B mean?

A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment. To be truthful and not lie. A truncation of the phrase “dead ass serious.”

What does B -) mean in texting?

B-) as abbreviation means “Cool”

Is I guess a yes or no?

“I guess” implies it is not random. When someone says, “I guess”, they are in effect giving you what they believe to be the correct answer. But it is not an unequivocal ‘yes’ or ‘no’. To predict (a result or an event) without sufficient information.

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