Why does Johnny like it better when his?

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Why does Johnny like it better when his?

Why does Johnny like it better when his father is hitting him? Johnny likes it better when his father is hitting him because his father knows hes there and isn’t pretending that he isn’t. when johnny leaves its like he doesn’t even exsist in his family and he feels left out, forgotten, outcasted.

What does ponyboy finally understand about Darryl?

What does Ponyboy finally understand about Darryl? At twenty, Darryl could still feel scared and uncertain. He realizes that he has to understand Darryl sometimes and not always expect Darryl to understand him. He also realizes that Darryl has sacrificed a lot for him.

Why does Pony say the SOCS get away with a lot while the greasers get away with everything?

why does ponyboy say the socs get away with alot with the greasers get blamed for everything? do you find ponyboys observation in question four to be accurate? ponyboy says that darryl looked jealous and ashamed.

What does ponyboy finally understand about Darryl quizlet?

What does Ponyboy finally understand about Darryl? When he returns to school, Ponyboy has a difficult time concentrating. Again, Ponyboy talks about his feeling that something bad is going to happen that night.

What does Cherry tell pony about the SOCS that he has a hard time believing?

What does Cherry tell Ponyboy about the Socs that he has a hard time believing? She tells Pony that things are rough all over. The Socs have problems too.

Why does Darry seem like such an angry person?

10. Paraphrase why Darry seems like such an angry person. He has had to take on too much responsibility for a person his age since his parents were killed. He resents having to take on the role of parent to his brothers.

What does ponyboy say after Johnny dies?

Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble: “Useless . . . fighting’s no good.” He asks to speak to Ponyboy, and, leaning over him, Johnny’s last words are “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”

Who did ponyboy kill?


Who does ponyboy insist killed Bob?

Pony also begins to insist that he killed Bob Sheldon. Ponyboy’s insistence that Johnny is still alive and his purposeful admittance that he is responsible for Bob’s death is Pony’s way of avoiding the harsh reality.

Was Sandy pregnant in the outsiders?

She indeed cheated on Soda and got pregnant with someone else. Soda wanted to marry her, and help care for the baby, but she told him to stay away from her, moving to Florida to live with her grandparents. The baby was born in Florida in the 1960s.

Why did Darry ask Randy to leave their house?

Why does Darry ask Randy to leave? Darry asked Randy to leave because he mentioned Johnny’s death and gave Pony a temper when he’s supposed to stay calm and still to recover from his concusion. Pony and Randy appear in front of the judge in a hearing.

What does Darry call ponyboy at the end of Chapter 11?


What does Cherry tell the police about Bob’s death?

Q. What does Cherry tell the cops about Bob’s murder? That he is not really dead. That she killed Bob.

Why does Randy come to the house and talk to ponyboy?

Why does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious? Randy explains that he came to see Ponyboy to see how he was feeling, but it seems he is really there because he feels stress about the upcoming trial. Randy, according to Ponyboy, had nothing two worry about since Pony was in a much worse situation.

Why did Soda look at ponyboy like he was?

Why did Soda look at Ponyboy like he was sentencing him to the electric chair before saying that Dally was a good friend of his? Because he probably thought that because they were friends with Dally, they might think that Darry wasn’t a good guardian and might send Ponyboy away.

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